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1:4 Scale Android 17 & 18 OUT NOW!!

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

We have been very busy with our current project....the androids. We have ran into some delays during the printing process, having to rework some of the sculpt to get things perfect. We have took our time on the printing so that the details and quality will really be shown in great fashion for the mass production. We have finished the print and have moved on to casting, once we cast our moulds and have a sample then we can send it away for paint and present the final painted prototype, we cant wait. Thanks for all your patience and support once again, and in the mean time, enjoy this picture of our printed prototype!

New Update! We moved on to painting, and sent away our unpainted prototype to our painter over in thailand. Our painter used her talent to really bring this statue to life.

Next step is to get the painted protoype back to the factory, make any final changes, then head into the mass production for our amazing customers! Thanks to everyone supporting and staying involved in the journey, much love!

The Androids are OUT NOW and ready to ship!

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