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Transcendent Studio - LUXE RANGE

Hey guys let me take you on a little run through of our new range that will be dropping in the coming weeks….

The statues are planned to be all 1:4 scale solo characters in a dynamic pose, some more dynamic than others, but it will be a change from our usual museum pose style.

The prices and ES size will always be fairly priced and small ES. Nothing changes about that, at transcendent we think making our statues affordable and very rare is a high priority. So ES will always remain between 100-300.

We are working alongside a new factory, should eliminate all issues faced with old factory… but that’s a story for another time haha! The factory we are working with now has been recommended by a friend and they have a ton of experience with custom and licensed brands! Should be a very good move for us.

We have upgraded our team, finally hired a solid sculptor who can work on every piece and also hired a art director too. Both are extremely talented and have experience in customs and licensed (tsume) aswell!

We understand are pace has slown a little and we have faced many delays and problems behind the scenes BUT this range will be a new chapter for our studio. We have learned a lot and built a solid team, now it’s time to take Transcendent to the next level

Teaser for the first drop very very soon..

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